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Automatic End Cutters

Enhanced Cycle Times and Efficiency.

FA-200 | Auto End Cutter

FA-288 | Thick Material Auto End Cutter

Manual End Cutters

The Manual Cutting Standard.

ST-260 | Short Handle Manual End Cutter

ST-360 | Long Handle Manual End Cutter

ST-288 | Thick Material Long Handle Manual End Cutter

Round Knife Cutter

PVC, Leather, Carpet. It can cut them all.

RC-280 | Round Knife Cutter

Powertemp Cloth Drill

Buttonhole Markings through Layers of Fabric.

PCD600 | Powertemp Cloth Drill

Straight Knife Cutter

Cutting Layers of Fabric at Once.

SKS-512 | 5" Straight Knife Cutter

SES-012 | 10" Straight Knife Cutter

SES-812 | 8" Straight Knife Cutter


Cutting and Sewing Essentials.

LS801 | Laser Light Alignment System

SL-840 | Sewing Machine Light

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