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FA-288 Auto Thick Material End Cutter

Automatic Cutting and Lifting. For Thick Materials.

The FA-288 offers automatic traversing of the rail and cutting head. The consistency and efficiency of automatic traversing allows thick materials such as leather, carpet, PVC, or plastic to be cut with shorter cycle times.


Auto Thick Material End Cutter


48 – 144 in. (1.22m – 3.66m)

110V, 1ph, 50/60Hz | 220V, 1ph, 50/60Hz

100 W

Auto Start/Stop, Ply Counter, Cut Length, Auto Track Lift, Emergency Stop, Sharpening

Thick Material Fully Automatic End Cutter (Automatic Traversing and Rail Lifting), Thick Material Semi-Automatic End Cutter (Only Automatic Traversing)

4” round, 4" octagon

1 in. (2.54cm)

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